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Goodbye Leningrad

Goodbye Leningrad - Elena Gorokhova, Saskia Bontjes van Beek This book is really awesome and gives an incredibly good insight into the daily lives of the people living in the former USSR, and about the strains, as well as the (few) positive things people were confronted with growing up in an area secluded from the "western" world (even Africa is being seen as "the West").

The majority of the story plays in the USSR and only the last few pages deal with Lena's move to the USA, therefore I think the summary above gives you a wrong picture about the book's content.

For me especially, it has been amazing to read about the life in St. Petersburg (formerly known as Leningrad), as I've spent some time there and visited all the sights and monuments (e.g. huge cathedrals) Elena Gorokhova writes about. Most of them had been transformed into Soviet offices or "useful" locations for the "collective" and were changed back to their usual state only after the fall of the Iron Curtain (e.g. the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour used to be a public pool).