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Expo 58

Expo 58 - Jonathan Coe This novel was a real stroke of luck, as I bought it just because I liked the cover, and Brussels, and wanted to read a bit about Expo 58 ;) And it has been standing about in my bookshelf for a considerable amount of time since I bought it...

The story was fun, exciting and really well-written. The historical background seemed very well-researched, and the author managed to capture the whole atmoshpere and vibe of Expo 58 and so many nations coming together despite being torn apart by two World Wars only a few years ago, and the atomic arms race being in full swing.

The only part I didn't enjoy that much was the slightly weird turn in the end, when Thomas wanted to get divorced from his wife because he thought he didn't love her anymore, but then didn't because he found out that she hadn't cheated on him (though he had cheated on her, which he didn't confess to her and kept a secret for his whole life), then decided to quit his job in London, move to Warwickshire, have another child and start a new job at a company, just in order to become a spy again (?). which came on a bit abruptly for my taste. All in all, I really enjoyed reading this story, and I learned a lot about Expo 58 and also about the exhibits, some of which were lucky enough to serve a purpose also after the whole spectacle was over after 6 months (and even became landmarks, like the Atomium).