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Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy

Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy - Helen Fielding This was the third part of the Bridget Jones series, featuring 90s-girl, 20-something Bridget's huuuge leap in time to the digital age (2013). She's struggeling with technology (Twitter, her smartphone, her TV,...) and her TWO kids, which apparently she had at a rather late stage in her 40s, as she is currently 51 years old, and her kids are somewhere between 4 and 7 (or so), AND WITH THE DEATH OF MARK DARCY?!?!? OMG!!!!! How can Helen Fielding be so mean and just kill him off so abruptly, without even going into ANY detail about all those years inbetween 1997 and 2013?! booohohoho!!! ...

Anyway, I really loved this sequel of the Bridget Jones novels! :)