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Die Leopardin

Die Leopardin - Ken Follett, Till R. Lohmeyer, Christel Rost This was a really exciting read that kept me interested from the beginning to the end. I also liked the topic - women fighting in WWII, because stories like that are not very much known, and also rather uncommon for that time (meaning a woman's role was being a mother, a housewive, maybe a telephonist or secretary... but not a fighter, or even a war heroine).
The only thing i don't really get in this context of brave women, risking their lives for the resistance and fighting the Nazis, is that the female protagonists were repeatedly described as super sexy, gorgeous, pretty ladies ( e.g. when Nazi Major Franck, face to face with death a.k.a. Flick with a machine gun, thinks that Flick looks incredibly beautiful (???)), which was in most parts just out of place, at least in my opinion.